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From our book publishing:                Please note the new release below


"SCRIPTURE KEYS for Kingdom Living"alt
June Norman Davis
This Edition: July 1998;
ISBN 978-0-965-02398-6;   Price: € 12, -
The book contains a collection of Bible passages, arranged alphabetically by topic. "The content of this book grew out of my own personal Bible, notebook ...
As you read this and apply biblical keys, they are as much a part of you as they are a part of me, and they will bless your life as well."
June Norman Davis

We know from long experience that the German version is for many people a great help. It is a workbook for the faithful, a prayer aid and a reference book to find promises from the Bible to real problems.

"The Journey and Miracles that Changed My Life"alt
Robert Cannon
First Edition 2011;    Price: € 10, -

This is an one life and four death experience. It is the a true story of a life made anew. A life that has been totally changed into a story of God´s  victory in spite of all the obstacles put into my way. I truly hope that what has happened to me will help a very great amount of people who are struggling day by day for health, love and personal sanity and that they will be encouraged in their walk, their journey in their own life.
Translation into German by Barbara Pape


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