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Who We Are…

The Philadelphia Church Int’l (PCI) is located in Frankfurtto the greater Frankfurt area and as the mother church to mission´s outreaches in India, the Philippians and Thailand. Through God´s grace it was founded on Mai 1, 1993 to realize the following three goals:

1. SAVE :

To evangelize the people coming from different countries who live in the Rhein-Main area and to the mission field, so they shall be convinced by the Holy Spirit and accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.

2. TRAIN :

Those who are saved are educated through mentorship, Bible study circle, home groups, prayer meetings, seminars, as well as discipleship school called Mighty in Spirit Training Institute (MISTI) International. There is also healing and prophetic training accomplished.

3. SEND :

After being trained as new leaders and assistant members, different offices and responsibilities are given to them according to their calling, or they are sent out in into the mission field in order to establish new ground for the evangelization of the lost.

An immense support for the realization of this vision is the „Mighty In Spirit Training Institute(MISTI) founded by Bill & Elizabeth Godwin. This discipleship institute teaches and inspires the students to become committed followers and disciples of Jesus Christ. Further, this school helps each individual to recognize God’s perfect plan for their own life. The founder passed away 2002 but before he was gone he gave Reverend David Roberts the international responsibility to expand the school. Schooling has been, up-to-this time in the Philippines and in Thailand as well as in Germany in the English, German and Thai languages.

PCI - the pastor and his wife, the leadership as well as all members – they all have one same responsibility and goal: to create an environment of love, care, forgiveness, non-judgment and spiritual growth. This applies to all people – of any nationalities – to everyone who walks through the door of PCI. We want to be the light of Jesus Christ, not only for our families, friends, neighbors, co-workers, but also for the entire Frankfurt area. We want to be witnesses for the healing, for the immeasurable, wholesome love, grace and power of Jesus Christ. the same goal is for the PCI mission field.

In the Book of Revelation (3:7-13) there it is written about the church in Philadelphia. That is the example for our church. The name and vision is God’s answer to the pastor’s deep search in prayer and fasting before the Lord. The derived Greek word is „phileo“ which means „brotherly love“. We also strive to live out that which God has further given us which is "Agape" this means God´s love.