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Our Discipleship School

Mighty In Spirit Training Institute (MISTI)
(founded by Bill & Elizabeth Godwin)


A school for spiritually hungry Christians.
Where age makes no difference.
Where it does not matter if you are young or mature in your faith.

We train champions for the army of God.

Young Christians… are developed into spiritual maturity.
Burned out leaders become on fire again for the Lord.

Whether you are a doctor, you work with your hands, you are a business man, a housewife, or a lawyer, it makes no difference.
Which denomination you belong to makes absolutely no difference, too. Why? Jesus was neither Catholic nor Lutheran. For him there are either believers who follow Him as disciples or unbelievers.

Our Students are required to:
- read four chapters of the Bible daily;
- memorize 1 verse per day;
- pray 1 hour per day;
- develop team spirit;
- give witness 5 times a week;
- once a week attend school for 2 hours of instruction;
- take responsibility for their homework and tests done on time;
- show that #1 priority is their total dedication to God, and
#2, while in the school, they live in a spirit of discipline.

= If you want to be more than just a normal Christian…
= If you want to see the same results in your life as the disciples   of Jesus had…
= If you want to know more about the plan that God has for your life...

... then this school is something for you!